Win a Jackpot, Buy a Car

The lifestyle changing bounty from jackpot winnings can be used to purchase all the fine things in life, especially luxury cars. Vehicles are the second most bought items after posh homes by jackpot winners. Here are few jackpot winners and the cars that they purchased.

Tom Naylor

Tom Naylor won a UK lotto jackpot worth £15.5 million. He wanted to drive a different car each day of the week after the win. Therefore, he purchased a Rolls Royce Phantom, Land Rover Discovery, Hummer, Aston Martin DB9 and Three Jaguars (XJ220, XJ and XK).

William Shanteau

William was one of the fourteen factory workers who went away with about £1 million each from a shared win in a Powerball lottery. His first car after the win was a red Chevrolet Corvette despite working for Chrysler company.

Garina Fearon

Garina Fearon was a prison warden who won a jackpot of about £50 million in a MegaMillions jackpot draw in the year 2010. In addition to choosing to keep her job at the notorious Rikers Island Prison in New York, she started by buying a BMW 5 to celebrate her win.

Petra L

Also known as the modest millionaire, Petra won a whopping £15 million in a German Lottery in 2007. She and her husband decided to go modest by picking a Fiat Panda for their new ride. However, they continued to purchase lottery tickets and played other luck-based games.

Gillian Bayford and Adrian

This couple from the UK won one of the highest jackpot winning of all time- £ 148 million from EuroMillions jackpot. They pushed the slogan Win jackpot, buy a car slogan to the next level by ordering five luxury cars as presents to their family members. They included three Audi Q7 SUVs worth about £ 60,000 each and two Audi Q5s worth £40,000 each. After divorcing her husband Adrian, Gillian then went ahead to marry the salesman who sold them the cars.