When their car is nearing the end of its useful life, many people opt to give it away to someone who lacks cash but could really do with a run-around until they can afford to upgrade their vehicle. If you’ve got an old banger that you’re considering sending off to the scrap heap, why not do it up and pass it on to someone needy? Read on for three ways to get your car ready for gifting at minimal cost.

Bargain for Used Parts

To get the very best deals you may well need to visit your local scrapyard and try to strike a deal. If you explain why you want parts cheaply, scrap merchants may well be able to offer you a preferential deal. Don’t be afraid to advertise online through networks such as Freecycle or Freegle, requesting the bits you need. It’s amazing what car components people have sitting around which they will be happy to give you for free.

Ask for Donations

If it appears that a new purchase is the only answer, it’s worth asking a shop or company if they will give you the products you need, as it’s for a good cause. Particularly if your intended vehicle giveaway will be publicised, many companies will be happy to donate in return for a favourable mention when the press are present.

Practice Your Skills

Doing up a car on the cheap can be a great way to hone your skills as a mechanic. If you get stuck on a particular task, the Internet has a wealth of information on how to complete just about any car related project.

Making sure your car is in good condition before giving it away is a fantastic opportunity to help someone else out as well as improve your own vehicle knowledge and maintenance skills. Why not give it a go and see how much fun being generous can be?