Have you got a car which isn’t cost-effective to repair? Is your vehicle costing you money whilst it rusts on the road outside your home? Would you like the heap of junk cluttering up your front garden to be removed, whilst also doing your bit for charity? Answer yes to any of the previous questions and donating your vehicle to a good cause could be an excellent solution. Read on to discover more about using your redundant car to help others.


Repaired or Recycled

In some instances, your vehicle will be sold at auction to the highest bidder, who many then go on to repair it for future use. The proceeds of the auction will benefit your chosen charity. Where it’s not viable for your car to be sold on, it will be recycled at a wrecker’s yard or similar facility, with the value of the scrap subsequently passed on to charity.

Vehicle Taken For Free

Often a suitable company can arrange for your car to be picked up from your home or other location at a time and date of your choosing at no cost. You don’t need to drive it anywhere, meaning that if you’ve declared it SORN for car tax purposes, there’s no need to shell out for tax just to have it taken away.

Car Doesn’t Drive? Not a Problem

If the vehicle won’t drive due to the nature of its problems, then a Stringo Mover can be employed to take your car away. The engine of your vehicle doesn’t need to be started and the Stringo is manoeuvrable enough to pick up a car or van, even if it’s awkwardly located. Stringo can also remove a car from your garage or shed safely, as it emits no toxic gasses whilst in operation.

Straight-forward Process

If you’re not sure quite how to go about giving your car to charity, sites such as charitycar.co.uk give clear and simple instructions on the process. Alternative methods of donating are also easily located using a quick Internet search. Some charities will arrange for your vehicle to be collected. In other cases, where you need to arrange for your car to be transported, a Stringo can be easily hired from local sources to do the job.

Passing your car on to a good cause not only helps out vulnerable groups who need your support; it’s also a good way of freeing up space in your garden or drive for new and exciting uses. Particularly if you’d like to help a good cause but don’t have much ready cash, then donating a used car can be a great way of giving. With so many advantages to gifting your car, there’s never been a better time to pass your vehicle on to charity.