Sports betting are among the most prominent activities enjoyed by gamblers across the globe. This betting affair is both enticing and engaging to those who prefer to take part in it. While sports betting is a fun activity, you need to know a few rules that pertain to it before you place a stake on any racing horse or dog for that matter. Here are a few basics that come in handy in regards to rules and betting strategies.

First Things First

Unlike other gambling activities, sports racing are spearheaded by bookmakers. Knowing the most reliable and trustworthy ones is the first thing to do right before you wager. This game aims to beat the oddsmaker. Additionally, you can place a bet on your favourite horse to make the game more exciting and also increase your chances of winning more funds.

Types of Bets

As is the case with all gambling activities, there are several types of bets associated with sports racing. These vary depending on the country or region and the rules stipulated by the bookmakers. UK nationals adhere to the standards laid out by the UK Gambling Commission. Players can place one or multiple bets as they desire. However, winnings are given to the deserving players depending on the circumstances that preceded the race. For instance, all bets are declared void if the race is cancelled or postponed. The types of bets you can stake on include:

Each way bets – This bet has a combination of five bets. These depend on the number of horses that are partaking in the race. These bets include 2-4 runners, 5-7 runners, 8+ runners, handicaps 12-15 runners, and handicaps 16+ runners.

  • Patent
  • Yankee
  • Super-Yankee

The distance that the horses run also affects the stakes significantly. These basics only allow you to have an idea of what it takes to participate in a sports race bet. For more refined information, you can visit Betting Star. Also, remember that you have to be 18 years and over for you to participate in any wagering activity, especially in real money casinos both online and land-based.

How much are the Bets

The least or highest amount a person can wager in a particular race depends on the regulations of each betting den. However, you can bet with as little as 50 Pounds and as high as the casino allows.