Car donations help put unwanted or defunct vehicles to better use. Several non-profit UK charities have managed to extend or sustain their services, thanks to the funds derived from selling or auctioning donated cars. Vehicles that are not fit for the road are scrapped or recycled in an eco-friendly manner before being monetized.

Funds garnered from car donations are used to address a myriad of social causes, such as offering shelter, financial, emotional and medical support to the needy across age groups, combating environmental issues and protecting flora and fauna, etc.

Best Way to Donate Cars

Those who wish to donate cars to a cause that’s close to their hearts can directly get in touch with a charity that caters to such purposes. However, car donations today are much more simple and free of cost, courtesy GiveACar – a non-profit establishment that collects donated cars from the owners, recycles, scraps, or auctions the vehicles and transfers the proceeds to the chosen charity. GiveACar works to maximise returns from the donated vehicle in order to fund a cause chosen by the donor. Some charities offer a flexible arrangement for car owners to donate a part of the proceeds generated by GiveACar to the cause, while retaining the rest for personal use.

Donating Scrap Cars

While car donations in the US attract tax benefits, those in the UK are purely non-profit transactions. It is also understandable than not everyone is financially secure enough to simply donate a car, irrespective of its condition. However, it is also possible to dispose scrap or damaged car, get a fair compensation and still contribute towards a cause, by availing services of select establishments in the UK. These enterprises, however, retain a part of the funds for their own charity initiatives.

Beneficiaries of Car Donations

Car donations, especially via Giveacar, have helped fund over 1000 charities in the country. In general, these donations are focused on providing timely support to many people in the UK and across the world, depending on the charities’ operational network. Some of them address causes in Europe, and few others work to improve the quality of life of children residing in African countries. Irrespective of their scope of operations, charities make best use of car donations to reach out and literally aid anyone who seeks help.

Car donations can prove to be manna from heaven for those desperately in need of funds; and with the right charity, the monetary blessing is bound to reach them.